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What Does High Platelet Count Mean?

Jun 19, 2017 · An elevated platelet count can be observed in people without significant medical problems. Mild to moderately elevated platelet counts are commonly seen when chronic inflammation is present. In other cases a high platelet count can signal a more serious blood problem known as a myeloproliferative disorder abnormal growth of blood cell elements within the bone marrow. Jan 07, 2020 · A normal platelet count for most humans is 150,000 to 450,000 per microliter of blood, and having a higher than average count can be indicative of serious health problems. A high platelet count can be caused by cancer, infections, anemia, and inflammatory diseases including rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease. A high platelet count can lead to excessive, dangerous blood clotting. Platelets are also called thrombocytes. They are small fragments of large bone marrow cells megakaryocytes that clump together to assist in the clotting of blood. Thrombocytes are smaller than red and white blood cells. A normal platelet count is about 150,000 to 400,000 per milliliter of blood. A high platelet count can also cause nosebleeds, bleeding from the gums, and bleeding through the rectum. There are several blood tests to diagnose it. Factual research. High platelet count is the condition in which the level of platelets in the body is significantly higher than normal. Since platelets are also called thrombocytes, medical term for this condition is thrombocytosis. However, in order to understand better what kind of a condition this actually is.

A high platelet level means that the blood has an abnormal number of platelets. Platelets are tiny blood cell fragments made in bone marrow that help in blood clotting, according to Better Medicine. A healthy person normally has 150,000 to 450,000 platelets in every microliter of blood. Jun 20, 2019 · The medical term for the disorder of displaying high platelet count is Thrombocytosis or thrombocythemia. In some cases of thrombocytosis, the platelet count can increase into as high as 750,000 per microliter of blood. Any amount above 450,000 is considered a high platelet count.

Mixed cryoglobulinemia can cause a false elevation in the platelet count.   In this condition, cryoglobulins proteins in the blood stick together when exposed to cold temperatures like the hands and feet. These particles may be falsely counted as platelets by the machine performing the complete blood count. This condition is associated with hepatitis C infection, systemic lupus erythematosus, and. A high number of large platelets high MPV and a low platelet count suggests your bone marrow is producing platelets and releasing them into circulation rapidly. An elevated MPV has been associated with poorer survival rates in certain cancers.

Thrombocythemia is a condition of high platelet thrombocyte count in the blood. Normal count is in the range of 150,000 to 450,000 platelets per microlitre of blood. but investigation is only considered if the upper limit exceeds 750,000. High platelet count in the blood is known as thrombocytosis or thrombocythemia. The normal platelet count in a healthy person is in the range of 150,000 to 450,000 per microliter. If the count exceeds 750,000, this indicates a serious condition which needs an investigation.

High platelet count:Causes, types, disorders, diagnosis.

If a person's platelet count remains high, the following medical conditions may be responsible: Cancer: Lung, stomach, breast, and ovarian cancers, as well as lymphoma, can cause high platelet counts. Additional blood testing, imaging scans, or a biopsy can test for cancer. High Platelet Count Platelets are the least cell-like formations in the blood that pass through to your blood vessels of the body and are a major cause for blood clotting and plugging damaged blood vessels.

Platelets not only prevent bleeding injuries but they also promote proper blood circulation in the body. You need to have your platelet count anywhere between 150,000 and 450,000/mcL, but certain health conditions can push your platelet count up, which can cause serious complications.

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