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Sweet gum tree leaves have five to seven pointed lobes, and their shape will remind you of a star. Mature leaves are 4 to 7 inches wide. Their fall color lasts much longer than most other trees. The downside to growing a sweetgum tree is the seed pods. The round fruit balls are produced from fertilized flowers. As a monoecious plant, a sweet gum bears male and female flowers. This means that only one tree is needed for the flowers to be pollinated, and a single tree can produce the spiky fruits even when another sweet gum tree is not in sight. The sweet gum is a large tree that often grows up to 100 feet tall. It is best known for its thorny seed pods that are about the size and shape of a candy gum ball. While these can be annoying to find around your yard or to step on, there are quite a few crafts that can be made from the seed pods with a little creativity and a few supplies.

Oct 17, 2012 · Sweetgum Pods / Sweetgum Balls are called many different things. Sweet Gum Pods, Sweet Gum Balls, Spiky Balls, Sweetgum Fruit, Dried Sweet Gum Tree Fruit, and of course, by it's latin name, Liquidambar Styraciflua. 0012" Classic Flip-Up Sweet Gum Harvester$395. 0018" Push Sweet Gum Ball Harvester$495. 0036" Push Sweet Gum Harvester$695. 0036" Pull-Behind Sweet Gum Ball Harvester$695. 00. Basic sweet gum tree balls uses and indications include arthralgia due to wind and dampness, numbness of limb, spasm in hand and feet, abdominal pain, amenorrhea, clogged milk ducts, edema, puffiness, and eczema. Recommended dosage is from 3 to 10 grams in decoction. 1.

Apr 25, 2014 · The Sweet Gum Tree A forty foot tall Sweet Gum tree rises from the northeast corner of my back yard. On this early spring day, the tree is still a skeleton, although leaf buds are just beginning to emerge and dozens of Sweet Gum balls dangle from its naked branches like shriveled Christmas tree. Sweet gum seed pods, sometimes called gumballs, are spiny orbs produced from the clusters of small flowers that appear in spring. The distinctive seed pods are one way to easily identify a sweet gum tree. The gumballs cling to the tree throughout the winter and drop to the ground in the spring. Sweet Gum Tree Advice. I previously was the Director at a pre-school. Unfortunately the play yard had a sweet gum tree and the nasty little seed balls were not acceptable in that type of yard. There is a fruit inhibitor which can be sprayed on the tree in early spring just before the tree blossoms.

May 01, 2011 · The gum seed pod are not toxic but that can be very irritating to the stomach and esophagus. This combined with the extra food can be causing some stomach upset. It is fairly common to see them drink more when they are nauseous. The sweetgum tree Liquidambar styraciflua produces an extremely spiked capsule containing one or two seeds in the summer. The resulting dropped fruits become woody and are the bane of any wanderer, as they will pierce tender flesh.

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